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What is next for MaPP?

Which club will he manage next?

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27 Jan 2018
Seems like the writing is on the wall for Puel - shocking form and lucky to stay up - so either he will change the back room staff or get the boot. Either way, I think MaPP could be on to better things. West Brom widely touted but I have a feeling he might go to Burnley. Dyche is surely going on to better things and although they seem to be on a low budget they are getting their house in order and made a profit this year. Not a club that a billionaire buys and loses interest in. Any thoughts?
I'm sure MAPP's career will continue to be a great success but he's gone now and we've moved on.. Does this really warrant a poll as to where his next job will be? Frankly, I really don't care. All that concerns me is what success KR is going to get us in 2018/19.
As long as he's not in the same division as us I'll wish him the best of luck. I just don't want it to be at our expense.

Having said that, it would be nice to show him how much we appreciated his efforts. I'm sure he'd be as classy as he was when with us.
Puel will get the Summer and probably the first 10 games of next season. Locals say the football is "boring" yet they finished 9th!! May 2016, just 2 years ago, they won the title!
Unfortunately the pursuit of ££££££`s has far,far overtaken realistic expectations.
They are a "decent sized" Premier mid table club (or top end of Championship) .....no "bigger" than Forest, Derby and the like so have relatively "over achieved" over a few years.
Most of these owners tend to forget that a league table will have someone at the top, someone in the middle and someone at the bottom! Its not a static "We are here because I spent XXX million." its a fluid, season turns on a moment or a goal.......and its the same for us all!
I think that he is far too good for Sunderland.

Would hope that he got the WBA job
33-1 for WBA and looks an obvious choice. I would say no chance based on that
The problem with Mapp, he has not had a successful managerial career outside div 2, real gamble for a lot of the bigger clubs.
Agree but there are some real donkeys about though. McClaren, Hodgson, Bruce, Moyes, Allardyce, Wilder etc who seem to pop up and get highly paid jobs all over the place. A lot of L2 managers have no experience of managing either budget, but more importantly the ego of guys making 10-50k a week. I think MaPP is probably not one to get intimidated and we saw with Sercombe he wont let anyone disrupt the dressing room. Hes also forward thinking and gets the best out of players, so I would take him in a hearbeat if I was Championship, or a Premiership club who sailed too close to the drop every year. Attractive style of play and 5 game blocks a bonus. Maybe Apples to Sheff Utd if boring boring Wilder gets poached? That would be interesting. Wherever he goes, I just hope he has an abundance of really decent Centre Backs
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