What if: Re-developed the Manor

Maurice Earp

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6 Dec 2017
Has anybody tried parking in Headington recently?
Any crowds over 3500 and you would still e parking at the Kassam!!
I lived in Headington about half a mile from the Manor Ground and on match-days it was unreal as "fans" simply dumped their cars in the most ridiculous places. You could not have developed the ground as to increase the capacity would have increased the problems of parking around or near the ground.


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7 Dec 2017
Someone go look at the accounts for that time and see how much fixed and floating charges were secured against what overvalued assets. We were lucky to get out of it. More than once we were hours from non existent. Whatever FK has done to the club since there is no dispute he ensured our survival. It gives me no pleasure to state it.
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