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what do you call the stadium?

Stadium? What stadium? If you mean the unfinished heap owned by 'him' then I refer to it as the Grenoble rd ground. :geek:
Have to admit that I call it The Kassam. I know this will disappoint many - sorry!
I call it the Kassam too. I tend to find there are bigger things to worry about than what a football ground with 3 stands is called.
I call it The Kassam, its just a habit.

I even call the East Stand the Oxford Mail Stand, apart from my usersname on here! :)
Ziggo Arena. Oh wait, that's Ajax's place.
Now an honest answer. I used to call it the Ka$$am but Ka-dollar-dollar-am is such a mouthful. So no it's Grenoble Road.
I don't call it anything. I say 'I'm going to watch Oxford' or 'we are at home'. Can't remember the last time I actually referred to it by name.
You have the nou camp, maybe we should call it the no stand? :D
The Manor - old Habits and I refuse to acknowledge that mans involvement in my club
I usually just say Oxford, or if I have to be more specific, then I'll say Kassam (and hate the person I'm talking to a little in the process).
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