What are peoples expectations for this season?

What is your expectations?

  • Champions

    Votes: 2 2.6%
  • Runners up

    Votes: 3 3.8%
  • Third

    Votes: 5 6.4%
  • Play off winners

    Votes: 8 10.3%
  • Play off losers

    Votes: 18 23.1%
  • Just outside play offs

    Votes: 24 30.8%
  • Mid table

    Votes: 16 20.5%
  • Relegation battle

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • Relegated

    Votes: 1 1.3%

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I can't seem to do a poll for some reason but I wondered what people expected from this coming season?

Is it to go for automatic promotion, play offs, mid table or simply to avoid relegation?

I personally would be happy with a top half finish with a couple of good cup runs. Having said that it would be nice to flirt with the play off places. I think give it another season and off the field we would have the infrastructure to handle the championship. Whether we would be ready for that at the end of this season will remain to be seen.


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Play offs & decent cup runs (in the proper cup competitions).... maybe nick an auto' promotion place

Always optimistic in the run in to a new season me:cool:
There's no reason we cannot push for play offs. If we get a goalscorer and another midfielder in then the squad is well balanced, I'd be very happy with flirting with the play offs and a FA Cup run with a couple of cracking away days [like Newcastle,Palace Leeds etc]. This is a defining season. We have to have some sort of success, weather that be finish in the play offs or 5th round FA Cup otherwise we could lose some big player, Nelson and Hall aswell as Eastwood who has a clause in his contract.

The biggest success we as a club need is the feel good factor to be well and truly reignited like MApps last season, it's starting to come back but it isn't quite there yet.


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I see us being top half. At some point we'll threaten the play offs, but then fall away and not be in contention at the end of the season.

We'll blood in a few youngsters and be really positive about the 19/20 season.


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With such a thrilling World Cup and other distractions, I haven’t paid much attention to the Yellows this pre-season so I’m just not feeling all that excited for the season ahead just yet.

I think a top half finish would be viewed as progress – winning more games than losing and a positive goal difference. I don’t know how competitive we are, whether we can truly trust Tiger in his first full season, whether a slimmed down squad is good or foolhardy and whether the likes of Whyte and Norman can make the step up. I’m still a bit dubious about it all and I’m fairly confident that our squad at present won’t be gatecrashing the playoffs or promotion places.

Sorry to get all @greatunclekip about it, but the Oxford bug hasn’t caught with me just yet.

Where’s Ricardinho ended up anyhow? Anyone know?

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After last season I'd be happy with a push for the play offs that even if we don't make them, are involved in the battle towards the end of the season. So like you a top half finish would be satisfactory as part of this.


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Depends on what the final shape of the squad is. At the moment, I don't feel we have enough goals in the team (over the course of a season, with injuries likely up front) to threaten the promotion places.

But I would hope for a much less nervous season than last year turned out to be, with a decent showing in the main cup competitions (we really didn't look as if we were that bothered last season), to see some of the young players coming through and a top 10 finish. There's a gnat's whisker between the top 10 and a playoff place, so that's not an unreasonable target.

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My expectations are a mid/upper table finish. I think we will be an entertaining side to watch under KR too.

If we make the play-offs we will most likely will have performed above our budget.

Obviously we still need 3 or 4 more signings, including a striker or two. Hopefully a bit of quality still to sign.

I would much rather sign say 3 more quality players rather than flood the squad with 6 average players.
Play offs & decent cup runs (in the proper cup competitions).... maybe nick an auto' promotion place

Always optimistic in the run in to a new season me:cool:
Yep..... although I make an annual pilgrimage to the bookies for an FA Cup, League Cup and League Champions treble. :):eek:


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On the current squad, a top half and still within a genuine shout of the play-offs with a few games remaining. Expectations might be raised slightly higher if we make a couple of extra signings which raise eyebrows.

Whatever happens, it'll be a better atmosphere than last season I think.
Really think we should be aiming to at least flirt with the play offs. I'd also like to see KR 'out-perform' his budget, although budgets play a huge part in the likely league finishing there are plenty of recent examples where great management has been the difference.

Also after previous season's cup exploits, last years cup runs bought us shuddering back to earth. Whilst on paper there look to be some good div 1 games this year, it is games like Swansea at home / Middlesbrough away that will stick in the memory. Lets give it a proper go in the 2 main cups!

Not expecting much am I!!
We should be aiming to challenge for the play-offs. Prior to the summer, we already had the makings of a very good team at this level (Eastwood, Nelson, Dickie, Brannagan, Henry, Hall), and have thus far added to it quite well. The final 4/5 players that we bring in will ultimately dicate how successful the season will be. If we're relying on Obika as our main striker and don't add some more muscle in centre midfield, I'll be happy with lower mid table. But if we bring in a good striker (or two) and bolster our midfield options, I see no reason that we should not be in or around the play-offs.
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