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7 Dec 2017
I hope someone at the club is watching the weather this week, readying the frost covers if required..
I remember watching Headington United v Bolton Wanderers in 1954. Pitch covered in snow. Check it out on U tube. This weather is positively balmy!!
just tap in Headington United v Bolton Wanderers 1954. FA Cup. U tube
I remember answering the call to clear snow off the manor pitch on quite a few occasions

Can remember watching games there with ankle deep snow on the pitch, pitch markings in blue, and a bright orange ball

not quite, but nearly jumpers for goal posts back then too :unsure:

in contrast... that boxing day home game cancelled 30 min before scheduled kick off time due to a frozen sliver of pitch in front of the south stand

it used to be a mans game y'know!:D
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