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27 Sep 2018
Does anybody know if there's a scheme within the club to let fans volunteer at all?

I'm not offering to play or anything like that but is there any way to offer support in non-skilled work that'd help OUFC.

I am fortunate that I'm self-employed and work from home. I could, and would, happily provide my time for free for a few hours (even a day a week) if the club needs it.

I was really inspired to see that interview with KR just now. Personal issues mean I can't get to as many games as I used to but I'd like to help my club, the board and our manager if they need it.

I live in Banbury and saw Fordy say how his club was run by volunteers just before lockdown. At the time I never thought OUFC would need it's own volunteers but things have changed.

If anyone knows of such a scheme, or the club knows of some way I could help, please let me know.

BTW, I'm talking about free work for OUFC, not Kassam.
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23 Jan 2018
Good post, living in Leeds it is a little tricky for me to do any form of voluntary work, so Bert I salute you. When things become more clear as to what is going to happen to this season, I hope the club ask supporters for help if things become difficult, so, the fans can help out, whatever it maybe. COYY'S.

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