VAR - FIFA trying their best to make it unwatchable

Marked Ox

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6 Dec 2017

Assistant Refs told to keep the flag down on tight offside decisions and let VAR make the decision if necessary. The breadth of VAR decisions/timing is already growing as they will look at possible fouls (whether given or not given) etc in the build up. How long is the build up, when does it start? So much for being used for clear and obvious errors.

The match officials in this tournament mostly won't have worked with VAR so this isn't going to go well. I expect to see plenty of 5 minute stoppages after any goals etc so spontaneity will be utterly lost. And then those lost minutes won't be added on at the right amount although even then games will go on and on.

Players will jump on this claiming fouls somewhere in the build up etc and try to get the Ref to review. Of course they are not supposed to but that won't stop them and Refs/FIFA won't do anything if they do.

One thing that did amuse me, and John Terry will feel vindicated, is that Video Assistant Refs will have to be fully kitted up when doing the job even though not on public view.
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