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7 Sep 2018
Good Afternoon all,

Just a quick note.

We have seen an increase in the use of Fake £5 & £20 notes, as you can appreciate this is very disappointing for us as its money that has to be confiscated and destroyed by the banks.

Because of this we will be using the notes we've found to teach staff what to look out for to prevent future occurrences.

If any person is found to be trying to pay with Fake Notes we will immediately contact Stadium Stewards & Thames Valley Police. As well as confiscating the note to ensure it is handed to police, and we will seek to prosecute any person attempting to commit fraud.

We have pinpointed the source of the notes and are currently checking CCTV to pinpoint the person responsible.

We will also be issuing Note Checking Pens from now on for staff to use.

I hope this issue can resolved.

Kindest Regards



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13 Dec 2017
Apparently one of the ways to spot a fake fiver is the house’s of parliament is missing..........but beforehand some says anything its nothing to do with Brixit.
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