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He'll get applause from me. Although if rumours are true, he acted a bit of a fool last season he still did well for us and he was important in our L2 promotion season.

I haven't a clue if something happened at the away game although I have no doubt a few gave him grief for being an ex-Oxford player.
A bit of banter was exchanged; no more or less than you’d expect.


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Hope Ledson puts in a crunching tackle on Sercombe early on. Get him taken off the pitch from it. Otherwise he'll inevitably end up scoring.
Honestly, even with whatever happened last season (and I guess we won't know the full details anyhow) it'll be disappointing if Sercombe doesn't get a good reception. As far as fans can be concerned, 17 goals in the promotion season from midfield (Carlisle away!), goal against Swindon and scored at Wembley. If that doesn't deserve a good reception, I don't know what does.
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I really liked Sercombe when he was here. Shame we sold him. One of those players you don't like to see wearing someone else's strip.

Even though we kept him quiet at the away fixture, he will come back to haunt us one day, he's too good not to. Not surprised to hear the Gas describe him as one of their finest signings.


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Sounds like Faz is getting quite frustrated with the defensive errors and confirmed Dickie will come in and get his chance in 1 of these next 3. One of Mehmeti or Thomas should be starting aswell.
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