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Home Match Day Thread U18s v luton U18s this sat morning

0-0 so far... game very fast...luton very quick ...young u's defending well
Luton u18s 1-0 up ....shot from outside the pen box
Luton u18s applying pushes, shirt pulls n elbows where n whenever... young u's getting bullied a bit...need to get stuck in n play thier football n not play lutons game
Lofthouse penalised for what was 6 of 1 half dozen of another.tussle
Lofthouse hauled down in pen area... nothing given! Looked a nother pen to me
Luton I18’s sounding a dirty bunch. I know we shouldn’t but give as you get
Luton fk u18s break fast -attack broke down over hit pass
Luton u18s know how to utilise dark arts!
Hate to say it Sarge but we ought to use the dark arts a bit to let them know you can come and play football but any of that stuff and you will get it twice as bad
Appreciate the updates Sarge, having a long weekend away. According to a tweet from LBS it did indeed finish 1-1.
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