Tyler Roberts

It was said at the time that his loan to us was probably too soon, just goes to show if fans have patience with players they might come good, Roofe was the same.
We as fans want instant success now a days, unfortunately our business model is giving the younger lads a chance, we as fans can't have it both ways, if the are to become successful and move the club forward we really need to change our attitude to players.


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MAPP could see a decent player.
He came to us as a very raw talent.
He didn't play a lot for us but MAPP always suggested that he would play a lot more in time. He always maintained that we did a lot of the 'hard work' in making TR ready to play in a physical league.

I reckon he got it right. TR joined us as probably a little too early and once he grew physically and got used to the league , he proved himself. Shame he didn't stay a little longer ...
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