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Transfer News Tsun Dai farmed out

Dunno where the H came from in thread title (& I cant change it now) ? Damned predictive text I guess ....or old man badly coping with technology ? o_O
Hope he does well and comes back here a better player for it. Was clear he wasn't going to get any significant game time here this year at least.
Best of luck to the lad.
What on earth was the signing of this bloke all about? Let's face it, if he isn't even good/strong enough to play in a conference side on loan he was never going to be good enough for L1. Baffling.
There could have been so many chants for him too ...

‘Manic Tsun Dai’
‘Live and Tsun Dai’
‘Tsun Dai, Monday, Happy Days’
‘I won’t let Dai Tsun go down on me’

Actually, scratch that last one ?.

In terms of weird signings, this one is up there. Good luck in the Dutch leagues, young man. Funny that KR goes off to the Netherlands to find a striker and ends up getting rid of a player ?.
And on another thread, people are talking about English born players not wanting to move from one side of Birmingham to the other...
Seems odd, most of the loans are at least within travelling distance so we can at least send someone to see how they are getting on (or reasonable travelling distance for the player).
New Era Sports is his agent. Along with

Marcus Brown
Shandon Baptiste
Sam Smith
Ricky Holmes
Matt Taylor (our U23 player)

I think he arrived at the same time as Holmes?

His contribution to the team was immeasurable!

No really it’s impossible to measure because it was nothing.

Bonkers signing, 5 minutes of you tube footage was enough to see he’d be better off playing for a pub side.
It's all a ploy so that at 22:50 on Thursday, when the deal for Robinson's striker has still not been concluded and everyone is losing their minds, the official OUFC Twitter can post a tweet saying 'don't go to sleep just yet U's fans, we've got a little surprise for you!', (which will inevitably send everyone into pandemonium) before going on to announce that 'we've managed to agree a deal to bring Tsun Dai back from his loan to Utrecht early. He'll go into Saturday's u23 squad to face Merstham reserves #happydeadlineday'.

Just wait.
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