Trough of greed.............


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7 Dec 2017
Read it here. The full Deloitte money fest at the top end, some interesting graphics on how much actually having "bums on seats" matters............. or not.
interesting reading ...gonna need a spare half hour or so to read it all properly
...dont suppose the shirt deals income table plummets to the ' £2.50 'type of income that OUFC generate in the shirt current shirt manufacturing deal between German company Puma and oufcs tabby-cat tiger ?..... lets be honest the likelihood of OUFC supporters being volounteered the income details on a shirt deal isnt going to happen from our owner, or his bagman/MD anytime soon :(
There was me thinking someone else had seen the stupid new club tournament want to put in the summer of 2021 for no other reasons than greed. Europe and UEFA have impolitely told them to P**s off.

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