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9 Dec 2017
I wonder if it is worth mentioning, amidst all this posturing that, OUFC players haven't been "taking the knee" for some time now.
Anyone care to explain that?
I don’t know why, it’s up to them. Maybe they feel the point has been made, which would be fine. But if they do choose to do it just bear with them if you don’t approve, they are your team.

And let’s get back to improbable transfer rumours.


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14 Dec 2017
Pretty self explanatory really when someone (white) is accused of racism in some form or other comes back and says I’ve got more black mates than white
So having more black friends than white makes someone racist? Or makes them less racist? Really not self explanatory at all to be honest - but this isn't the place for this crap so I'll leave you to it!

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