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11 Mar 2018
Think of Oxford under Robinson as a bit like a decent diesel car. We take our time to get going but once we do, we start ticking along rather nicely! I truly believe this season we will be fine.

That will disappoint Kip no end if you are correct. He is no supporter of Oxford United, there are lots on here who are on the negative or cautious side of the fence and that’s understandable, but no one who spouts so much negativity and seems to take joy in jumping on every minor detail like Kip can call themselves a ‘supporter’. Troll more like!


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16 Nov 2018
If fully fit, the obvious youth player for the central forward role is Spavi Spasov. It will be Osei I reckon who gets the nod if Taylor can't start.

Goodrham is a winger Sarge. Spasov has been playing for the 21/18’s this season so appears to be fit.

Surprised KR hasn’t considered Elechi for the LB role. Offers plenty going forward and adds the balance on the left. Will help out on set plays to as he’s a unit !

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6 Dec 2017
Not really. The crux of it is we havent signed key positions. Robbo admits that, and are already attempting to string together a team.

We haven't signed key positions, eh?

Marcus McGuane, Joel Cooper, Sean Clare, Matty Taylor, Sam Winnall, Liam Kelly etc. Cam Brannagan on a new contract also.

Joel Cooper plays left wing. That we need more there agreed but we did sign a player for that position. We had 4 centre-halves with Nico Jones just like we did last season up to January until Mous gets a potentially serious injury. And at left back we had Josh Ruffels who played pretty much every game last season albeit KR acknowledged we needed cover before his injury.

Chuck in that there is 4 weeks or so until the transfer window closes and this season we have the additional problem of squad size limits etc. KR, before the injuries, was talking about waiting later to get better players in. And he has acknowledged we need pace but that isn't exclusive to any position.

So what key positions weren't covered prior to injuries?
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