Ex Player Todd Kane

Welcome Todd. Great signing. We have addressed all the most pressing issues in what is traditionally a very tricky window. If we don't loose any this will be a fantastic return to the recruiting we had become accustom to.
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It fills another big hole in the squad. Not ideal as another loanee, but needed. Welcome!
Have to say that his is a really positive signing. Ive actually seen him play a few times, in the Championship, and he's a decent young player.

Played a dozen or so times in Holland this year coming back from a cruciate injury but seems to be fully fit and raring to go.

Anything to keep Tiendalli out of the team is a bonus, but this is a better option than I had imagined.
Todd Arthur Lucien Kane. Brilliant name!

Welcome to the club.

Oh and I think he played under a certain S Grayson at Preston too. Just putting that one out there.

Should be a great signing guys.

Yes he did play for Preston, but it was Westley who signed him and he didn’t handle him properly. Looked to have great potential at a young age.
Welcome Todd! At least we've got lots of options in defence now. Looking at the table we've got 44 goals for and most teams around us are at the 33-38 mark so providing our defence improves we could easily turn things around.
Welcome to the club Todd. Great loan signing. Is it correct that a club can only include five loanees in a match-day squad, or is it playing at the same time. With GvK, Mowatt, the two Man City lads plus this new loan are we at the max?
At 24, I think this is a loan that, if all goes well, could be made a permanent one. Looking forward to seeing what he can do.
Just need his brother Harry to sign on the dotted line and we might make the play offs ?
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