to spy or not to spy?

The opposition certainly spies on us (or at least has a concept having watched us live). Every manager of recent times bar MAPP and possibly Wilder has been comprehensively found out tactics-wise after half a season.
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Spying…or just extremely thorough preparation? Think that you are spot on with the league position observation – they are top of the Championship with a similar squad to the previous year but with a world class manager who seemingly leaves nothing to chance in his meticulous preparation…whilst we are contemplating relegation with a squad that outsiders all believe should be performing so much better than their current league position indicates (latest headline ‘Pompey boss puzzled by 'capable' Oxford United's struggles’). I wouldn’t turn a hair if KR was discovered watching another team’s training – I would just be delighted that he was so deadly serious in his intent and that there was the real prospect of us starting a game better prepared than the opposition.
I'm not sure where the moral outrage comes from (well I suppose most of it is the same paper selling B*****s that has led to Brexit and Trump). Why is a training ground visible from public areas some sort of secret, sacred area? Of course anyone with the resource will want to know what you have been working on in tactics/set pieces/fitness etc. If you want to keep it secret then put up a fence etc - that is what Man City have done.
could always 'spy' remotely via a drone fitted with a live video camera?
We only have one formation and enough decent player for the first eleven. Why bother spying when you can't change anything! :)
Blimey KR can't cope with organising his own team, in a structured manner, if you throw in dealing with the knowledge of opposition strengths, weaknesses and tactics KR's team talk would be a blithering, contradictory shambles.
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