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Chairman Tiger on todays Rad ox 5 min Fans forum


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6 Dec 2017
being broadcast at 5.45pm on 95.2fm ..... to answer fans questions

those with burning questions for our bow tie bedecked owner
a chance to ask them, and maybe get an answer too?
I reckon the first question will be “Can you count from 1 to 300 in one second intervals please?”, asked by a Mr A.N. Onymous from Grenoble Road”.

Followed by a “Thank you Tiger, that was very comprehensive. Aaand that’s all we’ve got time for this week I’m afraid...”
They said this morning that (due to the time difference) it would be recorded at lunchtime.
They said this morning that (due to the time difference) it would be recorded at lunchtime.
b****r ... only just sent in a couple of questions !

Tiger being on 5 min f f todays, pre recorded, hasnt been too well 'advertised' IMO
Asking Tiger is he leaving the club

Tiger, no it’s a rumour his aim to bring championship football it’s his aim
Is there any news on the stadium

Talking to stadium company. Looking at all alternative
Does tiger need a CEO like Mark Ashton.

Tiger we have NMW. Talks all the time we have a strong team to take us forward
Tiger recruitment

In the summer was basically crap but better now?
Have loads of meets Planty of scouting
Tiger says he is here for the long term, Erik T will be joining the board in april

Tiger is aiming for Championship, eventually premiership!

Stadium-talking to stadium co, looking at alternative options

MD 'is doing a great job' (!)

Ivo P- was already here

Rectruitment now down to a team consisting of Tiger, Niall Mc W, Karl R, Mark Thomas, Faz and S Derry... agreed wasnt all that in summer... said 'we' didnt get it right

re relegation - we wont be relegated
I appreciate it was crap Skype line, and English is a second language, but I felt Tiger seemed irritated by having to answer questions. "Next Question" he said abruptly at one point. Was it just me, or did others get the same vibe?
Well I thought he came over a bit better than previously (not saying a lot).
believe most Qs were given online in advance, so he was pre prepared for most of them

Niall Mc W for next thurs 5 min FF
I'm pretty sure Tiger wants us in a higher level. But at the moment.............urgh! An ugly prostitute has got more chance of scoring than us!
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