Thoughts on the new strip?


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What's people's thoughts on the new strip?

Not seen it in the flesh yet, I did pop in the puma store on Carnaby street this afternoon and as if they had the new OUFC kit, some blank looks πŸ˜ƒ
Love it. The yellow shorts will take a bit of getting used to but think the shirt is first class. Got mine today on an impulse after seeing how good it looked on others.


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To everyone who has bought the new top, has does it fit? It looks quite tight in pictures. I was wondering if it is true to size.


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@ScottishYellow what I HAVE found is that the head hole (sorry not sure what the technical term for that is) is hard to get your head through. Once you are through that it's all plain sailing.

Another observation is that on a windy day the collar can be a bit annoying. Think moths flying around your neck and you are about there

So avoid if you are Thanos or suffer from mottephobia


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Not normally a football shirt wearer but loved the away top so bought that on Saturday. Shop was doing a roaring trade and I would not be surprised if the away top outsells the home shirt.


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Cant get over our club badge should be the best bit but looks like its been drawn up by a child and doesnt fit with the rest of the shirts at all imop the sponser and puma logos look class thou . Never liked the yellow shorts when we were playing away let alone for home they shoupd be blue

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