Chairman This is all doing my head in!

What the bloody hell is going on?

I’m sick and tired off checking the forum, looking at Twitter and praying to a higher being.

What do we need to do to force the club to make a statement?

I’m off to get some pills from the doctor (unable to sleep due to the stress this is causing)
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It’s not that bad Daryl all you need to do is fess up and make a statement.

Just get your ass back here and front up to the fans all will be forgiven if you just give us an update.

Then you’ll be able to sleep and have no need for those pills.


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Eales did say an appt would be made after the Plymouth game. Fool on us that we all thought this meant before the Northamoton game, rather than open ended
Last time DE was away on business we had a wall of silence. He returns and we get a few statements. Now he’s away again and the same thing is happening again. The board is obviously non functioning without him. Yeah they do the day to day stuff but anything else is clearly down to DE. They’re not even trusted enough to give statements on DE’s behalf!
I think the reason DE doesn’t give a statement over the phone / internet is because nothing is happening with him away on business.

So the question is when is he back?
Then I can stop reading this forum, official site, Twitter and the awful Oxford Mail website (with its stupid survey pop up and annoying adverts that are so intrusive you can’t even view the actual content on iOS) every 5 minutes until he’s back.


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The sacking of Pep seems to be getting stranger by the day. If it was because of bad results and a worry of relegation why are things being allowed to carry on when the results certainly haven’t improved and the threat of relegation has got bigger? And why do it during a period when DE knew he would be abroad a lot and so be unable to afford any time to the resulting issues like replacing him?
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