This business with Russia...


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6 Dec 2017
Apart from the obvious fallout from the spy nerve agent thingy, will this affect people like Roman Abramovich and the like? Russian money men over here could get their assets frozen. Does that mean Chelsea et al could end up in the smelly stuff? I’m not particularly au fait with politics so could someone more knowledgeable please enlighten me.
If it's Russian money that's propping up the London housing market, then I think the government will be very worried about implementing something that could cause a catastrophic crash in London and beyond. Could leave Oxfordshire littered with empty unneeded "commuter" housing stock for example
Sad that national principle and ethics comes second to the interests of business, but that's how it is.

Hard to imagine direct sanctions on oligarchs over here. The Government will talk the talk but at the end of the day this will all blow over. Chelsea will be fine.

Would be lovely if all non-UK money was drained from our housing market. Get some youngsters on the ladder.
I read somewhere that African countries were refusing to accept poisonous rubbish, this is the logical outcome if that's true.
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