The ugly side of football agents

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Fair play to Boreham Wood on being so open on a subject that is very common in football but never gets aired publicly. I've lost count how many times I've seen a deal nearly collapse over a few quid because of a greedy agent rather than the greed of a player.

I get why some of the top top players have agents due to how complex a deal can be these days with promotional work, brand exposure etc but I do believe that grown men should be able to discuss their own contracts by themselves without the need of an agent.

As for having an agent in the non-league pyramid is borderline arrogant from the player themselves. That or just plain stupid. With this case it seems the latter with the Boreham Wood lad who has hired an agent who really doesn't have the player's best interests at heart.

I am a little surprised sometimes that players don't 'control's their agents when they don't behave ethically.
It doesn't reflect well on the player as well as the agent.
Well done to them for getting this out in the open. The rest of us manage to negotiate our conditions of work without adding the cost of an agent into the mix, especially one who seems like such an idiot (and of course we had our own run in with Pep's equally ridiculous representative!).
I wonder how much of this shithousery KR has had to deal with this summer. And on a League One level!

Feel almost sorry for the player here. He must have been sold on lots of money and moves up the ladder by this new agent, even though his current agent had seemingly been making the right moves for him up to that point.

He must have been embarrassed that his agent has fired off a crazy aggressive email from his own account, and now his name is associated with this greed.
Simple, this new agent has acted without due care and attention, so the player should sack him for A Breach of contract. f**k him.
Borehamwood aren't particularly great themselves mind, charging visiting clubs to use their media facilities and then switching off those facilities for most of halftime and straight off after full time*. So while they may have a reasonable point here, they don't do themselves any favours with how they work.

*Based off reports and anecdotes from clubs/fans who were involved with other NL clubs last season and before.
The bottom feeding desperation of some agents over pitiful amounts of money is embarrassing. Is it extortion?
Blimey! Borehamwood take on the so far untouchable agents ... good luck to them ... it'd be good for the game if the fa actually acted and legislated against agents such as the one who has way overstepped his remit... of course what's more likely is the fa will as per live up to their initials, and do exactly fa
Wow. That’s some statement.

We should get in there with a £35,000.01 bid and no sell on and see if we could inflame the situation further!

Good on BW though for going all Falling Down on the situation. One rather assumes it’s the”bent” line that has truly sent the Chairman over the edge!

More power to their elbow.
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