The printing of your own match day ticket


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23 Dec 2017
This could quite easily be down to my own ineptitude with anything that involves a printer. But is there a straightforward way to print out your own OUFC tickets, without using up expensive ink cartridges on unnecessary pictures of the stadium layout and other large blocks of colour?

I would have thought a ticket with just the Stand, Block, Row, Seat No, and Barcode would be enough. Then maybe print out 4 tickets to a page?

I normally send the tickets I buy for other people to their phones. But tomorrow I’m bringing some older fans, and printing off the tickets will really be easier for everyone.
In the printers settings click "Printing Preferences."
Scroll through the menu to see various configuration options and find the option to select whether you wish to print in colour or black and white.
Select "black and white" and set any other desired settings, such as paper size.
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