The price of football.

It costs far too much to go to the cinema as a family, or the theatre, or Twickenham, or Legoland. But we all make our choices.

When I was a kid I'd watch Bicester Town with my grandad before going to watch Oxford a few years later. The only top flight football I saw was when Oxford was there (except a freebie at Arsenal a few years ago).

People have bern talking about the cost of football killing off the game for years, but our attendance figures have remained roughly the same since the 80's despite several league changes, new stadium and all the money going into the game.

So we can moan all day long, but nothing will change and football will remain!
Weird thing is - this is coming at a time when TV revenue is at an all-time high, when gate receipts are actually of less importance to the average Premier League club and when average season ticket prices in the Premier League have fallen two years running.

I guess Spurs are trying to gentrify and steal all the rich fans from Arsenal whilst they've got the better team and soon will have a similar stadium experience.......