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The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl


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7 Dec 2017
What a fu***** brilliant song.

Hardly atypical 'Christmas ballad' but amazing ...
I think it's a s**t song to be fair. Ian McGowan just can't sing.
Haha, Shane... I expect Ian can't sing either ?
His dad played 56 times for Manure between 1950 & 54 and ended his career at Droylsden, a team Pep's looking forward to measuring his tactical nous against. With the pace and skill we've got I hope Jodie Banim's drunk as much at 39 as I have at 93, otherwise we're toast.
Kirsty had the voice of an angel and has a great back catalogue of songs. Very underrated and taken long before her time.
Can't make it all alone, I built my dreams around you......

Only decent Christmas song ever written.
As xmas singles go.... this one does have OUFC connections (there was an Oxford utd mix of it!) .... topically , well sort of, Holy Roman Empire (oxford based diy disco punk trio) played the single , and a few other tracks pre match in the Supporters club at the manor..... that was before Salmon's only first team appearance (in goal) against Birmingham city, final score U's 1- Brum 7 ........
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