The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl


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His dad played 56 times for Manure between 1950 & 54 and ended his career at Droylsden, a team Pep's looking forward to measuring his tactical nous against. With the pace and skill we've got I hope Jodie Banim's drunk as much at 39 as I have at 93, otherwise we're toast.


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As xmas singles go.... this one does have OUFC connections (there was an Oxford utd mix of it!) .... topically , well sort of, Holy Roman Empire (oxford based diy disco punk trio) played the single , and a few other tracks pre match in the Supporters club at the manor..... that was before Salmon's only first team appearance (in goal) against Birmingham city, final score U's 1- Brum 7 ........
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