Championship The Pep Effect.


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7 Dec 2017
Brum getting stuffed.
Birmingham fans realising that Pep can talk a good game but.....
Yep embarrassing display,young players getting the P**s taken out of them by Portsmouth.
We lost Fokus.


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Reckon he’ll be gone by mid September. What’s he doing playing kids in an important cup competition?
“I knew it wasn't going to be easy for our young players, but I feel it is really important that if we have a chance to show off our young players and our academy, then we do that”: Pep Clotet.
So, how long do we reckon he’ll get? One more month? Until October? Still there at Christmas? I can’t see him lasting the season.

He’s a fraud of a manager. Sacked more times than Rome, either takes on rubbish jobs like MApp used to or takes steady teams nowhere and is totally divisive in the dressing room. He’ll be found out – again – before long.
Wonder if he played that 19yr old goalie from Real Madrid......
also signed a Spanish midfielder called Agustin Medina
What could possibly go wrong?
He does seem keen that his players' names end in a vowel! Just an observation eg Gino, Richardinho, Xemi, Mehmeti
I still can’t believe anybody ever defended him or claimed we struggled because we sacked him. The manner of some of our defeats under him were positively alarming - Bury got about 20 points in total that season and six of them came against us, smashing us 5-1 on aggregate, and we lost SEVEN NIL at home to Wigan before he came out and said he couldn’t say anything bad about the match or the performance. He shouldn’t have left the stadium with a job that night. And that’s before we even go into some of the absolute garbage and dodgy dealings he made in terms of signings.

The guy had put us into absolute free fall, and got the boot at the exact perfect time for him to be able to con people into thinking that what happened next was because he’d gone. It would’ve happened anyway, only he wouldn’t have played Brannagan and Dickie (who were signed over his head), probably wouldn’t have played Kane when that loan happened, and was trying to bring in more semi-retired crocks like Kemy Agustien. A player who ended up at places like Nuneaton, Halesowen and Barrow and was slung out of all of them months apart, because he was so horrific.

No way will I sleep tonight after reliving all of that.
think a good marker on judging his players is to look at where they are now.
was a horrific brief period that's nearly been erased from my memory
think a good marker on judging his players is to look at where they are now.
was a horrific brief period that's nearly been erased from my memory

The one shining light from the Clotet era was Ricardinho, loved watching him play.

I’ve tried to forget the rest of Clotet’s foreign legion. The record home defeat against Wigan was an absolute shocker.
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