The most important Issue is ????


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15 Dec 2017
Never mind our defensive deficiencies , wind up orders , new stadium possibilities, who is going to score our goals etc, clearly the most important issue is ................
What music will be played in the dressing room prior to kick off?
I listened to KR interview after Saturdays game and obviously the most important factor was The Kit Man/Robbos/Derry/Faz playlist.
So what "sensible" tracks can we forward to Robbo to ensure that we get three points Saturday
I'll start it rolling and taking team formations , recent form etc into consideration I would like to suggest the following motivational rousing tracks.

The going gets tough -Billy Ocean (no s**t Sherlock)
Never gonna give you up -The Astley
Come Alive & From now on -Greatest Showman Soundtrack
Lets hang on-Four Seasons
So they are old and corny tracks feel free to offer Robbo our collective wisdom....
Things can only get better D:Ream

The only way is up Yazz
Shut your fking mouth and use your fuing brain - The Wildhearts

It's oh so quiet - Bjork

Taxman - The Beatles

Mysterious Ways - U2

Money's Too Tight To Mention - Simply Dead

Those were the days - Mary Hopkin
Silence is golden. The Tremeloes
Going down. Freddie King
Redemption song. Bob Marley
Shaddap you face - Joe Dolce
Ego Tripping At The Gates of Hell - Flaming Lips
Undone - The Sweater Song - Weezer
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