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Blogs/Podcasts The Manor Podcast - Episode Thread

You can pause podcasts you know?
I like that things aren't rattled through, especially when such a range of different matches to cover, as well as the forum.
I listen to many podcasts and personally find 45 minutes is about right .
If it’s Oxford United based, I think “The Dub” has it just right at around 30 minutes.
I guess it also depends what you are doing whilst listening.
An hour is just fine if there is a lot to develop but then I'm not that impatient - hour twenty then I might think there is a lot of repitition
I think it’s a really good podcast - I have never thought, ‘if only it was shorter’. Well done to the guys who do it.
I’ll still be listening to the next one.
Being shorter wouldn’t make it any less good .
Maybe don’t wait until we have a “car crash” result next time .
I quite like the chat, and if it takes a while that's fine with me. I have to say that I have it on while I am working though - I am not concentrating on it solely.
The Mark Lawrenson always having looked melted line had me creasing. My cousin once referred to him as "looking as if someone was slowly holding a lighter to a wellington boot", so this hit home 😂😂😂
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