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Blogs/Podcasts The Manor Podcast - Episode Thread

Talking about strikers on the DUB and whether we need a fox in the box …

“Sometimes you have got to put balls in there and hope that you get it whipped across the face”

The game has gone
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Really appreciate the pods. I listen to the Dub and T'Manor, great to have lots of good Ox content whilst we are flying.
I enjoy and listen to both podcasts.
Good to hear the reference to Motts coaches and the issue on coach 1 on Saturday( zero ventilation/almost unbearable high temperature enroute and almost freezing on the return journey).
It’s high time this was sorted, we encounter similar issues ( cold) on most away journeys.
Before I’m berated-it has been raised previously, to no avail.
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Gets me through my Texas commutes. Liked the mild feuding in this episode. It’s very authentic chat , as real fans, but a good degree of analysis at an intelligent level
Bumper episode which was recorded and released before the two club statements today.

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