The FA acting like tw*ts as usual

Gary Baldi

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Geez, the Premier League could complain more about the logo being near one of theirs historically, but Wembley Stadium? Of all the ish to worry about, that isn't one.

Colin B

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Everything that's wrong with modern football. Bullying tactics by the FA. What are Wembley FC supposed to call themselves, Inverness Caledonian Thistle? They're in Wembley FFS!!!!!

Petition signed.


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There is a thread on the Ugly game Twitter feed where they have looked into it. FA now claiming they are not going to make Wembley pay even though it is in their writ and the judgement. Also they claim they are protecting their rights elsewhere in the world but won't enforce it in England, again not what their legal team have in their docs.
They claim that as the Wembley FC logo is in capitals it could be mistaken for Wembley Stadium's because people don't read the bit that says FC. They claim it's all not real and not their fault, apart from the fact their lawyers docs say otherwise.


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Signed n circulated the petition..... as I said /quoted on another thread in this section of yf big usually fucksover small .. ...FA know F A about the reality of grassroots football, shouldnt Wembley stadium change its name to the new white hart lane instead?


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They're not chasing Wembley Arena or Wembley Rail Station just a small local club who has been called Wembley FC longer than the stadium has been named Wembley Stadium. Disgraceful from FA - just like the MK Dons and AFC Wimbledon saga.


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Easy way round it,just change the name of the stadium back to it's original name.

Surely nobody could have any complalnts about it being called The Empire Stadium ?
Nowadays I'm sure the would be a small group of loud-mouths with an objection connecting Empire with slavery or whatever gets them attention.


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Now now gents. Don't forget the lawyers needed a Christmas bonus too.

This sort of arguing of words makes me sick.
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