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Tess Sullivan 12 today


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6 Dec 2017
A few years back OUFC supporters raised a phenomenal amount of £ for Tess Sullivan .... @amershamdave was the main driving force, the Sullivan family forged very strong links with a number of OUFC supporters.
Today Tess is 12 years old
Happy Birthday Tess

(posted in Yellow Army section albeit the fundraising for Tess preceded yellow army forming, however the fundraising for Tess was contributed to by many OUFC supporters ....as well as some visiting away fans, and some of TVP on matchday duty too)
Nice to have something positive on the forum! Any news on how she is getting on?
Tess isn't too well today ...but I'm sure she will be having a party of some sort to celebrate her 12th birthday this eve?
I’m in regular contact with Steve, Tess’s dad. Tess is doing very well, as Sarge said, was unfortunately ill for her 12yr celebrations but is in fine form and is exceeding and keeping proving people wrong on a daily basis. The family still keep in touch with a few Oxford folk and keep a keen look out for our results. Good people are the Sully’s.

Those on Facebook can follow snippets of Tess’s life here - https://www.facebook.com/Princess-Tess-153310051352896/
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