Team for Coventry

Not sure how many changes we will be allowed to make:

Norman Mousinho Raglan Ruffels
Hanson Tsun dai
Whyte Browne Holmes
Bench: Shearer, Long, Little, Henry, Obika, Baptiste, Nelson
Do see massive changes from yesterday game but might see 4-5 changes I expect Mousinho Norman Henry & Okiba to get game time

I would like us to go all out to get a win for confidence sake so he needs a strong side in there & for the fact we could draw a big club in the next round after missing out on West Ham at Home last season


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Not sure how many changes we will be allowed to make:

Norman Mousinho Raglan Ruffels
Hanson Tsun dai
Whyte Browne Holmes
Bench: Shearer, Long, Little, Henry, Obika, Baptiste, Nelson
Like the idea...although doubt we'll risk Hanson prior to Pompey.

I'd go with...

Long McMahon Raglan Garbutt
Mousinho Ruffels
Whyte Browne Mackie
Shearer, Nelson, Dickie, Holmes, Tsun Dai, Smith, Henry

Something like that


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I think that KR ought to use the match as a way of trying to get the mismatched bits of the jigsaw puzzle to fit together. Making wholesale changes just means the 'first team' will know each other's play no better when they get to Portsmouth. If that makes it more likely we will win on Tuesday, all the better!
Norman Nelson Dickie Ruffels
Brannagan Mousinho
Henry Holmes Browne

Strong team, try and boost confidence. Reckon likes of Hanson and Whyte should be second half subs.
This isnt the tinpot trophy its the league cup. Its a major trophy with potential for a moneyspinning tie that could see budget and morale multiply.
Play your strongest team man.
If Garbutt doesn't buck his ideas up we may as well send him straight back. It is simply not acceptable for KR to keep saying that we really have got a good group of players - could have fooled me!
I’d swap Garbutt for Ruffels and put Mousinho in the middle with Brannagan.

Garbutt has had two shockers!
Exactly, id also play Dickie and Hall who quite obviously need to find some form/fitness whatever you want to call it - KR might not "care" about the competition but he should care about getting into the habit of winning football matches.
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Certainly Mousinho in midfield (I'd have put him there on Saturday), drop Hall and Mackie (if they need to get vaguely fit they can do it in the gym and on the training field, not when I am paying to watch thank you very much). I'm in two minds about Garbutt. He was effing awful on Saturday, but we need to get him up to speed since we have no other left back. Either play him, but be prepared to replace him with Ruffels at half time or if there is no or little improvement play Ruffels there from the start. I also wouldn't mind Norman at right back, McMahon didn't cover himself in glory.

So having argued earlier in the thread that we needed to play a proper team because they needed to get used to each other, I have now made four changes! Stevens in goal would be OK as well. That's five.

Norman Nelson Dickie Ruffels
Whyte Brannagan Mousinho Holmes
Henry Smith​


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ahhhhhhhhh i thought it was the sh#thouse cup...........League cup??? deffo play the strongest team available,could be a very valuable game at a much needed time. COYY


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From what I saw of Whyte at Barnsley he doesn't look like he can start yet. He's like an COD from before he was brilliant - obviously talented but lightweight. I think restrict him to the odd 10 minutes as a sub here and there.

I would play Stephens and Norman in the back 5, but otherwise keep that the same. Garrett will surely come good, whereas McMahon doesnt have the capacity to offer a huge amount imo. And, given the luck we've had with injuries so far, and seeing how much of a target he seems to be for opposition defences, rest Holmes. Otherwise keep the team the same.


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You seriously have to put Mousinho in front of the defence until Hanson is fit, and recovered from his injury. I think playing Mous with Brannagan is the way forward. CB can advance up field linking up with the three behind the lone striker, and Mous can sniff out danger, and help the defence better than Ruffels In that position. I wouldn’t drop Ruffels though! I’d put him left back and replace LG. Whenever JR has been called upon in the past, he’s always done a decent job on the left side
of defence.

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