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7 Dec 2017
Lost 5-0 at home to Luton yesterday in case anyone missed it and wants cheering up.
Was 0-0 at half time, must have been a team talk to forget...
Former U's players ^^^ with much more fire n passion than the current bunch ???
Vigeroux is wanting out of Swindon this month.

Quite amusing that their most saleable asset at one point could be out of the door on a free.
I miss our annual humiliation of Vigoroux. I hope he signs for a League One club so that we can take the P**s out of him again, while we collect three points and he collects his mandatory red card.

I bet he has nightmares about Chris Maguire!
I heard Maguire sent him a dvd for Christmas... Se7en ?
Is it still that daft t**t who managed to get sent off twice against us?

No, it is another clown called Charles-Cook or something like that.

The other one has either left them or fallen out of favour with the manager as he wanted a move.
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