Sweet Caroline

Matt W

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14 Dec 2017
I just heard it being played in the background at the cricket in Australia. Great memories almost brought a small tear to my eye.
Nope ....and it ain't the most memorable lyric wise either (chorus excepted)
The annual club song debate has reared its head early this year.

In any instance I’d like Club Tropicana, always livens any party up.
Club Tropicana.... " ......where all the drinks are free"
Reckon our landlord would ban that as a matter of principle ?:sneaky:
One of the most pathetic songs I have ever heard associated with football and i find it embarrassing that it's associated with our club.

The fact that all people do is shout, da da da is pathetic!
"Things can only get better" DReam
"Down, down, deeper and down" Quo
"Loser" Beck

(Not that I'm negative but playing to the masses in order to get my 'likes' up!!!)
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