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6 Dec 2017
Trevor Kettle is 4th official in tuesday nights l1 home fixture v Barnsley

which will be most likely, yellow or red card for KR, if he rants a the 4th official as he often does ?

Kevin Johnson is designated referee for the Barnsley game
Let's all pray for the health and well-being of Kevin Johnson and his two assistants.

How this bloke is still officiating is beyond me. I met an ex professional ref at a football tournament in the summer and I mentioned Trevor Kettle as it wasn’t long after his dreadful performance at Wigan. He just laughed and said “I think I’ll have to say no comment on that one” but you could clearly tell he didn’t hold him in high regard!
I suppose being 4th official will see him move as much as he does when reffing, so at least we can be comforted in that I suppose.
At least they have got him off the pitch, he should never be allowed to cross that white line.
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