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9 Dec 2017
Hi all
I'm vocal in some places but I'm a statistician by profession.
Numbers are always fun - can we please make this thread about "did you know" and not a hate campaign against any player, manager or chairman? Please!

Here's something to look at and digest regarding the current season, All constructive comments or questions appreciated....
Out of interest, what would they look like without the Blackburn and Wigan collapses?

It's been clear for sometime we're slow starters and struggle to come back in game where we are losing at half time
Having nothing else to do on NYE I have looked at the current stats and OUFC will probably collect about 23 more points. However the transfer window and impact of signings might change this.
Here's the updated chart after today. Changed the colour coding so Green is good or ok , Red or pink is bad or poor and Yellow is iffy!
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