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Match Buildup 'Stanley away


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6 Dec 2017
Away supporter friendly pub (the Crown) outside the turnstiles, good old fashioned away terrace ( no roof though), small but welcoming ground ( Wham/ crown ground), proper 'family' club.... usually a decent awayday

The mighty U's are on a bit of a roll currently, so there should be a sizeable away following Saturday

- for those driving up from Oxford , (or anywhere South of Birmingham) remember to allow extra travel time for inevitable delays, especially in the( never ending) 50mph sections on M6

( note to Highways Agency, or whoever is responsible, IMO there really isnt anything even remotely 'smart' about motorways, designed, apparently, to allow traffic to move from a to b efficiently!!!, that has, the M6 specifically, been, for near on 10 years, subjected to 50mph limits and at peak times total gridlock, to allow construction of so-called smart motorways,- yet rarely are road construction workers seen, never mind seen to be actually working on them!- which can and frequently does add several hours on to journey time, in both directions )

handy away supporters guide for visiting Accrington Stanley....

Would take a draw, 0-0, keep the clean sheet run going! Or 5-5 so we’re still the highest scoring team in the country
Remember going there years ago. A good few fellas went up there dressed in tweed, one of the group got chucked out 2 minutes in for letting off a yellow smoke bomb, we won 3-1, brilliant performance.
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