SSU Police quieten loud mouth trio


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6 Dec 2017
Difficult to say. Looked as though someone was berating the OUFC guys who look after tactical analysis. Large bloke looked very threatening and very angry. Stewards were helpless and it took the presence of 3 OB to get him to sit down again.
The Sky team were looking rather worried as they were next to all this and were trying to do a piece to camera at the time!

As to what was said, sorry, just too far away to catch anything.
So there I was in block 11 in the SSU when three loudly moaning muppetts started shouting abusive comments to KR. Two OUFC players/staff retaliated and told them to get behind the team. Unfortunately this only provoked further ranting and allegations that the respondent (OUFC staff/player) was being abusive, he wasn't. In spite of other fans saying 'sit down and shut up' the three amigos continued and eventually the police 'calmed' things down.
The idea that if you're a season ticket holder you have a right to be a loud mouthed insulting fuckwit doesn't really work for me, and all that was accomplished was a general feeling of antagonism towards the idiots concerned.
I concluded, 'it's a game of football. behave yourselves'
It's only a game and people are doing their best at te club. But those 'muh team' sorts don't tend to have the mental capacity to realise verbally abusing people and keeping on going as they do, isn't the best way to get their point across. But for the SSU, what a scandal!!!!
According to what I've heard, the tactical guy was the one who started it, shouting at fans to stop being so negative to the team after the penalty, and that we're clearly performing better. He then got a lot of abuse back.
The fans around me were generally good last night, but there were a few doom mongers moaning before the game and all the way through it. At 3-2, the game was not lost, but for some, it's easier to moan than support. I still can't believe what a silly challenge it was for the penalty though. Damn
It's only a game and people are doing their best at te club. But those 'muh team' sorts don't tend to have the mental capacity to realise verbally abusing people and keeping on going as they do, isn't the best way to get their point across. But for the SSU, what a scandal!!!!
I've said it before. If you want decorum then stand in the East Stand.
The 3 idiots were constantly shouting out abuse throughout the game & this hasn’t been the first time they did the same against Accrington, no fault on Scott Daly (I think that’s who it was) fair play to him he told them to stop shouting abuse & get behind the team instead but the told offence to that saying I pay your f-cking wages I say what I f-cking like in a aggressively way, they were total assholes
Fair play if he did have a go at some of our fans. Having been in that same situation before then there is a breaking point where you feel enough is enough.
It can be laughable at some of the things you hear shouted around the grounds and you soon realise that a very large % of football fans don't actually have a clue what they are talking about when it comes to the tactical side of a football match. I struggle to enjoy a OUFC match at home these days due to the sheer stupidness some of our supporters demand from the team.
On the subject of moaners in the SSU, we sit just to the right of the directors box and then is one old-boy, who has been there years, who only turns up to complain and winge. His regular shouts of 'make your own mind up lineman' ('s' deliberately omitted from 'linesman') and the singularly unfunny 'should have gone to Specsavers lineman' have me rolling my eyes throughout the game. He never says anything positive or celebrates a goal.

He was very quiet in last weeks win as he seemed to be asleep for a large chunk of the game. Occasionally some poor unknowing on a one-off ticket purchase will engage with him but never to any positive effect. He must be loving it at present.
I doubt they can actually read Archbishop.

We could hear their yobbery from 40 yards away though

The police response to the incident was rather low key - there was some eventually . Possibly sensible in the circumstances.

Did the knuckleheads get kicked out?
What happened between the fan at the front of the Oxford Mail, left side at the end of the match?

Had a confrontation with a young looking steward who was eventually pulled away
"fuckwit" "muppets" "knuckleheads" somewhat ironic that people are using these sort of terms while complaining about people being insulting, or is it acceptable on here but not in the ground?

I think is it reasonable as it describes and refers to attitudes and behaviours of others, that is based on factual observation rather than ranting inanely because you believe you have a right to, without any tangible evidence that you do.The fact is that we live in a society where shouting your mouth off is seen as some god given entitlement, it needs confronting accordingly which I, like others did with those concerned.
OK, as long as we know, so glad we have this forum to educate us on what is or isn't acceptable. I've been going since the late 1970s and always thought it was OK to shout and swear in a football ground but I'm sure you know best
Shouting and swearing goes with the territory, being abusive and aggressive is something else, particularly when it's to OUFC personnel who are on and off the pitch. I don't know what's 'best' but I do know what's right and wrong.
To be fair I didn't witness the incident at last nights game, so I don't know what the level of abuse was, what I was objecting to was the attitude of some posters to the culprits
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