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Speedway, Oxford City etc Ephemera


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7 Dec 2017
Hi all -

A friend of mine is having a clearout (she and her husband are downscaling their sports memorabilia business slightly) and they are kindly directing all the 'Oxford' stuff my way.

Among all the OUFC/Headington programmes/photos/team sheets/signatures/miscellanea (which I intend to keep, at least for now) there are some items that are Oxford City and Oxford Speedway related. Neither of those are of much interest to me really, so if anyone wants them let me know. I can list what there is if you are interested. I'm not asking for any money - if you cover postage and make a donation (however small) to a charity that would be fine. I won't chuck anything away yet, so there's no rush (I'll have to sort it out) and she is giving items to me as they come across them, so there may be a trickle of stuff for a little while.

Just drop me a PM....

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