Southend Saturday


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12 Dec 2017
How many will make the trip? 500? We never win there, but that is no reason to not hope. How long this pantomime that is leading us over the dark rainbow to relegation goes on who knows. The waiting, just like waiting for a manager to be appointed earlier in the year.
The guy who is meant to be MD, or CEO, surely he doesn't just sit in his ivory tower, blind to the calamity going on in front of him. Oxford away games are the best, but to have to listen to total blocks that comes out of the scousers mouth is insane.

Apart from the infamous TV Royals sit in, have we ever protested to rid our club of someone/something. Maybe when the boardroom was rushed during kassams dying days.

Mass protests on Sunday in the streets of Oxford to rid us of the plague that is KR....
I’ll be going to Southend. 4 of us will be leaving Didcot at 9.

Beers in The Blue Boar before witnessing a harrowing (yet predictable) 3-0 drubbing.

...still, a stop off in central London for a few on the way back will drown out the contempt I have for the scouser.
15-2 with bet 365 that we lose 2-1, as that seems to be our thing now not a bad bet.
Have they moved to Fossetts Farm yet? Makes our stadium woes look minor..................... :)

As a former resident of those parts I have a few highlights................ Mark Rawle in 2003.

And the 3-2 with accompanying thunderflash in 1991 :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Ermm................... think thats it!
Surely the midfield picks itself for tomorrow? No Baptiste, after Tuesday i can't see Robinson(should be Chris Allen in my opinion) picking Hanson after pretty much killing his confidence. Which means it should be Ruffels and Brannagan. The other worrying thing is i expect him to stick with Mcmahon after Norman getting injured which means we will concede atleast 1 from the right side.

One positive is a fully rested Henry.
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