South Oxfordshire Science Park adopted by SODC local plan


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9 Dec 2017
This plan that had a lot of publicity a couple of years ago was essentially a dead duck because South Oxfordshire District Council were against it and would not grant planning permission. SODC have performed an astonishing u-turn and adopted it into their local plan for futute housing development. What this all means for Kassam, Tiger and the ambition of the Board to re-locate the club away from the current stadium is unclear. of Oxford Science Village Partners.pdf
Probably kills off any hopes that FK might have had to sell or develop the site for housing - at least in the short term. The document enthuses the "superb leisure facilities" nearby and if developers have the chance to go for thousands of homes on green field, they won't be too interested in dozens on a site they have to clear first.

The bad news is that prior to this FK would have been mightily passed off at the club renewing the license for another 25 years - now that prospect becomes much more attractive for him - and in 25 years, the opportunity for housing may be back on the cards. However, should one of the mythical 5 sites ever appear, we might, for once, have a decent bargaining position.....
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