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Wat Rod.

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23 Apr 2020
Afternoon everybody. This post is a little thank you to Simon Eastwood, but first, as this is my first ever post,I think it's only good manners to introduce myself. I'm 75 years young, and I've followed the U's since the 60's. I was born and bred in Kirtlington, but for the last 39 years I have lived with my family in Watlington. My son Neil's first ever game, aged 9, was the Milk Cup final, the trouble was, he thought every U's game was going to be like that one. But he has stuck with them,and has turned into a really passionate and vocal supporter, and like us all, just wants the football back. Now to my main post about Simon. I didn't know about Oxford United's idea for getting their players to give a senior supporter (over 70 years) a phone call to check if they were ok and ask how they were coping with in these troubled times. So I was really surprised when I received a call from Simon Eastwood asking how I was. What a lovely gentleman he is, so easy to talk to, and we had some interesting conversations. We talked about our families, corona-virus,and of course football, and his plans for his future after his football career finishes. It was also quite reassuring when he said, "I am so glad that I have the year extension to my contract in place in this current climate". When I said to Simon "I will give you a big shout when we are allowed back in the Jim Smith Stand again". he replied "Make yourself known to a member of staff, as I would love to meet you". So, thank you Simon, and of course, thank you Oxford United, for proving once again,that you are a club that cares.

Gary Baldi

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6 Dec 2017
For all of the issues we've had as a club in the past couple of years, they have really gone above and beyond with the fans in the couple of month. Makes you proud to be a fan
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