Should the stars align and we find ourselves able to get a new home...


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How’s that Indian Sign working out for you, Lawro?

Have not seen that first goal from Joey before - what a beaut!
There was some pretty shocking goalkeeping and defending by both teams in that game. Remember the next copy of Raging Bull. Page 53 "Swindon fans, welcome to page 5-3"...
Ha. Will check it out as I have all the Raging Bull/Rage On issues up in the loft.


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I don't like the proposed design.

We need to cash in on the Oxford name and reputation as that's what attracted Tiger in the first place. And we need to get the tourists in. So we need to build a mock-Tudor stadium along the lines of a larger Globe theatre. That would please both those who want standing and those who want to sit in the Gods. The kit should be changed to a yellow doublet and blue hose with matching football boots (no gold boots. Looking at you, Jon Obika!). The trainers have to wear those bird beaked plague masks, and may apply leeches to any injured parts. That is both historically accurate and will I suspect drastically reduce the amount of players requiring attention! All pre and post match interviews to be conducted in Shakespearean English, preferably rhyming. Food outlets will sell roast venison (for the Gods) and gruel pies for the rest of us. There will be stocks outside reserved for home players (and managers) who shush their own crowd, ex-landlords and members of the crowd (home or away) who spend more time waving their arms at opposition supporters than actually watching the match. The rest of us may propel the remains of the gruel pies at these unfortunates.

"Heritage". That'll do it.
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