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Shandon Baptiste

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Absolutely heartbreaking for the lad. Fingers crossed for a full recovery.
That’s a bad one at such an early age too. Really sorry to hear this.
This is terrible news. Get well soon Shandon, we care for you and please keep up the twitter announcements as we, as Oxford Utd supporters will support you in your journey to recovery.
Ouch. That is awful for him. He looked like his old self in the ten minutes he played on Saturday :(

All the best to him and here's hoping his recovery goes well.
Feel for you Shandon. Had the same injury myself years back skiing. Good surgery and you'll come back stronger.
Terrible news obviously and hope he makes a full physical recovery. I also fear how this time out of the game also impacts his development as he is still learning the game!!

Fingers crossed he returns stronger and better than ever!!!
Thinking of you. Recovery process begins now and you will return stronger than ever
Dreadful news.

Best of luck to the lad, may he come back stronger.
Terrible shame. Wish him a speedy recovery! I’m sure he will bounce back. It’s just a shame it will probably be September at the earliest.
Gutted for him. He looked the best player on the pitch for 10 minutes. Hope we see him again before the end of the year and this won't affect him long term.
Get well soon Shandon and come back strong. One of the few bright shining lights this season.
Speedy recovery Shandon - you still have a very promising career ahead of you.
Absolutely unprecedented that one young lad could become my favourite player in two short months of an otherwise miserable league season. His energy and buzz was part of the reason I was confident the second half of the year would be infinitely better than the first, and the drop would be beaten by March. Now - not so sure.

GWS Shandon and make next season yours - we're 100% behind you.
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