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Set Plays


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14 Dec 2017
After watching the world cup games, it shows that quality, well rehersed set pieces can be a real threat. England had clearly been working on these in training and it definitely paid dividends.
What I dont understand is why league teams dont invest more time into set plays. League teams are training pretty much 4 days a week throughout the year, yet we never see much imagination from corners or free kicks. Okay - it can't be the NFL with a 100 page play book, but there is really no reason not to have a variety of plays for each type of free kick.
I'd be happy with corners that don't hit the first defender's shins or sail out of the other side of the pitch and free kicks that aren't taken 5 yards to a man already being marked as a start! Baby steps :)

But yes, you are right of course. Dead ball situations are ones that any team should be able to practice and come up with something better than just lumping it vaguely towards the 'big man'.
Was thinking the same thing. We should be able to put together half a dozen specialist corner routines along with the usual near post, far post, penalty spot delivery. Although as has been mentioned, anything that gets past the first defender will be a bonus!
The free kicks have been pretty awful though. Ashley Young contemplating whether he will hit the wall or the crowd doesn't need much planning!
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