Sensible or naive


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14 Dec 2017

Is making changes and down playing the importance of the Wigan match sensible or naive from Robinson?
I can't see 50 points being enough this season, and suspect 53 points is more likely to keep you safe. With this in mind do we concede Tuesdays game already and concentrate on Doncaster and Rochdale? Lets say we only manage draws against these two and rollover against Wigan and Blackburn! I wouldn't say that would be enough.

If I was manager (which I will never be), I would insist on 110% until the end of the season. Bring in additional resource to support player recovery i.e. Physios, ice baths, cryo chambers. Players should be fighting for contracts and this stage of season and put their bodies on the line for that.
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Sensible imo,more chance of getting something at donny than we do at wigan,and who knows we may just spring at shock
An old nugget of wisdom thats been around many seasons in football, is never change a winning side!.... I think,after beating Southend convincingly, and football is a funny old game, if KR opts to stick with the winning line up, we should get something Tuesday night
with Wigan looking to be shuffling their team to, why change a winning formula - can see us getting something tomorrow night.
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