Sending Off


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15 Dec 2017
Is it me, or was I the only one to have grave concerns about Shandon after the initial booking and subsequent challenges in the first half. I was convinced that KR and the other two stooges would sub him at half time to avoid a second booking and being down to 10 men. Nothing , diddled and messed about until the inevitable happened and THEN tried to sub him.
If we can see this in the stands why can't they???
When KR came in I was initially impressed but now he looks like a drowning man shuffling a second rate squad that he assembled .
Sort it out Tiger, speak nicely to Mr Bellamy or similar before we look forward to Crewe, Bury and Swindon next season.
Lots of agreement around me to sub Shandon at HT and reading the match day thread it is was widely shared opinion. With Henry, Ruffels and Carruthers on the bench there were plenty of options.
Yeah he could have gone for that second tackle in the first half. Should never have been let out for the 2nd half, was more damaging mentally for him than it would have been if he had been taken off. And, for once, this isnt with the benefit of hindsight. We were all shocked he came out for the 2nd half, he only needed to cough and he was going to get the card.

Ironically I dont think the foul he got the 2nd yellow for was even a foul, he got the ball cleanly for me in real time. Could have had 4 yellows before that one mind!

Robinson saying he didnt know whether to take Hanson or Baptiste off...take them both off! Youve got Ruffels on the bench and you can push Branno back into midfield from no.10.
He was a walking red card last night - their players were making sure that anytime he went in for a tackle, that they were in the Refs face. Baptiste should have been taken for his, and the teams good.
THIER keeper running 30 yards to 'instruct' referee Salisbury to send off Baptiste was an eyebrow raiser.... Shaun Harvey perhaps has tweaked EFL rules n regs( again) to allow non- captains and for that matter players NOT involved in an incident to converse with match officials? ...I must've missed the announcement for that rule change!

Agree with above posts that Baptiste should've been subbed at halftime.... Gobbo n the Disrupter obviously knew better of course, and the inevitable happened!
What he needed was the captain to come up to him during the game and have a quiet word to calm him down...oh.

Nelson is obviously still 'captain' in all but name. He was the one wheeled out on Tuesday
Felt like he was never going to win on Tuesday, had Luton player making a meal out of any challenge.
The worrying thing is Robbo was about to make a double change, until he got sent off, I don't think Baptiste was going to come off then either
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