Seats allocated last night


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24 Dec 2017
Looking at the highlights, the Oxford fans were given seats in a very small section by the corner flag. This is a shocking way to treat away fans that have made the effort to travel in a mickey mouse cup with risk of trouble, about 0.00000001%? , surely there were some other seats available with much better view elsewhere in the ground they could have provided? !?!
The view was not the problem,it was lack of legroom.
Had more fans turned up then no doubt they would have opened up
another section behind the goal.
Have to say that their stewards were friendly and it wasn't a bad night.
Just those seats.
why do you think away fans merit decent treatment? They are the scum of the earth, ask any nice friendly policeman
if they had a sense of humour they could have put you all in the hole in the A
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Could at least have put an after right mint on your seats for you. This isn't the 1970s Charlton
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