Season ticket prices frozen

So next years ST’s will stay the same price plus a membership scheme along with a £10 voucher plus a chance to get another £10 voucher if you renew before June.

Have to say I’m pleased with this although I though there might of been a slight discount if you renewed early.

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Still costs to much! Reading ST is 145 squid cheaper like for like than Oxford, I know you're all going to say we're not Reading fans but are we to believe the price will go down in a seasons time WHEN we go up 😂😂
some good stuff from the club!

would of been nice to get some decent early bird savings, but all in all, cant complain at the price freeze.

be interesting to hear how keeping the prices frozen "affects" the playing budget - seeing as last year the increase was related to having a top 6 budget and look how that panned out.


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Am I the only one who is a little surprised they're on sale already when we don't even know what league we'll be playing in next season? A price freeze is welcome, if we're in League One next season, but if we're in League Two then I would have definitely expected a reduction.

Just to clarify, I think we'll be in League One next season, but thought the club would base decisions on facts and the fact is we don't know what league we'll be playing in just yet. That's all.
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Great news:):):) ....and, so I should think so too re ST prices, especially after last years excessive hike to fund we were told a promotion challenge, which turned out to be, well, nothing!:sneaky:
What excessive hike? The increase was peanuts. Equivalent to a few pints and a take away. Get in the real world.
This is all very reassuring. First time in ages that I can recall the ST prices (including the lounges!!!) being announced before the season end. The added £10.00 for existing and another for new ST's is also nice. With a lounge ticket priced at £675.00 a tenner is not much but more than anyone has offered previously.
Shows that someone at the club has finally realised that supporters are important and matter and that getting us onside early is very good. Perhaps, at last, we are seeing the signs of life in the marketing part of the club.


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Sarge, my last sentence was a bit strong and for that I apologise.
No probs @windmill .... over the years I've grown a thick skin;)..... maybe not quite 25% rise for ST in the last close season, think it was close to 25% on standard match day and youngsters matchday tickets, imposed i believe ,without any consultation with oxvox.......a quarter of anything is a sizable slice I'd say

That was then, this is now, new regime etc and as @Manorlounger says fair play to the club for freezing st prices and announcing it before this campaign has ended too:)
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Look forward to hearing details about the membership scheme, something I think should have been in place a while ago.

Though it will have to be positioned quite cleverly as the club won't want a new membership scheme to eat in to season ticket sales.