Sam Ricketts ...

Good luck to him.
A player who Ian Atkins didn't think was good enough for L2!!
wasn't that Dean Whitehead?
I was going to include Whitehead. Atkins prefered Townsley to DW until injuries forced him to play DW and he never looked back.
SR was loaned to Nuneaton and then released. He signed for Telford who I think went bust. He then signed for Swansea and never looked back!!
Simon King another who was cast off and then had a much stronger career than the player that replaced him (Danny Brown)
There's plenty of players who got cast off or who left without getting a proper shot at playing for the club, because the manager was frustratingly wedded to some washed-up journeyman - or, like Dean Whitehead, who had to bide their time, seemingly forever, before getting their chance and running with it.

Sam Ricketts was neither of those things! He played 35 times in his couple of seasons at the club, and no-one batted an eyelid when he left because, frankly, he looked thoroughly mediocre. When he went to Telford, I think most fans thought that was probably his level.

Anyone who claims to have predicted his outstanding career is almost certainly lying! Certainly there were no tears shed about his departure on the previous incarnation of this message board (mostly it was JCR berating Atkins and everyone else for misusing Whitehead and Powell!)

Which basically means he's a fantastic example for any aspiring pro - hard work and commitment can take you a long way in this game....and it would be great if he became a good manager and restored Wrexham's pride as well. Best of luck to him.
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